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Karate in THAILAND, For many years Karate-do has been included in Thailand National Games by the sincere efforts of Thailand Karate Federation (TKF). At present Thai-Japan Shotokan Karate Association (Thailand) in the name "JKA Thailand" with Sensei Omura has many Assistant Instructors, for the ever-growing new enrolments make it extremely vital for Shotokan Karate in Thailand to have more karate-ka & instructors.  We need the cooperation and coordination of all members to deal this situation and plan out a way to develop our association.



  • Siam Camp
    Annual special training with the great instructor of the world will be held on the 1st week or 2nd week of the new year.
  • Gichin Funakoshi Cup
    The World JKA Karate Championship will be organized every 3 years.
  • JKA Asia-Oceania Karate Championship
    A asia-oceania JKA karate region championship will be organized every 3 years.
  • JKA Asia-Oceania Conference
    A asia-oceania JKA karate region conference to expand JKA Karate traditional style.
  • Dan & Kyu grading
    For 2-3 month period to specify develop your skill by dan or kyu examination.

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Siam Camp

Enjoy! With your friend.siam camp

JKA Conference

Improve your skill with great sensei  seminar

Karate Tournament

Develope technique became the Champion Championship

The Activity of ShotoKan Karate in ThaiLAnd

  • Daily practice
    The major activities that all members have to participate.
  • Kyu / Dan Examination (every 2-3 months)
    Using the standard of Japan Karate Association (JKA)
    Collect examination fee, and provide the Diploma for black belt Karateka (directly up to JKA HQ.-Japan)
  • Karate-do Gashuku (Karate Camp)
    For physical and mental development of Karateka
  • Traditional New Year Party
    Central World Plaza-Beer Garden-Official sponsor by Singha Corp.
  • "Kagami Biraki, Mochi Tsuki"
    In every year as the open ceremony of all Budo of Japanese Tradition.
  • Thailand Tournaments
    Thailand Shoto Cup Championship (JKA Thailand)
    All Thailand Karate-do Championship (TKF)
    Thailand National Games (SAT)
    All University karate-do Championship
    All Junior karate-do Championship
  • Internatioanl Tournament
    Gichin Funakoshi Cup (JKA HQ.)
    Sea Games (AKF)
    Asian Games (AKF)
    Asian Karate-do Championship (AKF)
    World Karate-do Championship (WKF)
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